Read here, why you receive SPAM with our email adress!


We would like to point out to you that whoever sent this was merely using a sender or reply-to address in our domain. They did not use our mail servers in any way. The SPAM was sent from somewhere in the Internet using an unprotected mail server.

We do not allow the sending of SPAM through our service and make every effort to ensure that our servers are proof against this kind of abuse. However, there is nothing we can do to prevent someone from use a sender or reply-to address in our domain. We do of course close any account used in that way immediately, but this does not mean that the SPAM will stop. It is like using conventional mail: you can write any return address on the envelope you like.

Our mail server may even be listed in the header section. This is a fake! Please check the IP address behind the name to find out the real server name.

We recommend that you visit the page: and click on the link "Spam Complaint Primer". It may help you to track down the real SPAMer.


Jan Dorninger